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Application Technology Limited

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Consulting / Services

ATECH's Integrated Asset Management Solutions are based on the principle of integrating all disciplines involved in the life cycle of hydrocarbon production. We firmly believe that all asset management teams should include geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists as well as drilling, completion, reservoir and production engineers.  This approach should then be supported by the use and integration of the most effective technology tools to deliver the information required for cost-effective hydrocarbon production decisions.

ATECH's operating philosophy is built on working closely with it's clients. By applying leading edge technology and basic engineering principles we develop solutions in the most practical, timely and economical fashion.

ATECH is involved in the design, programming, procuring and on-site supervision of DST, production and injection & falloff tests to meet the various objectives of its clients.  These include completion evaluation, reserves estimation, reservoir characterization as well as secondary recovery project evaluation and optimization.  The projects range from single well tests to multiple wells and multiple tests for both vertical and horizontal wells. Functions include bidding and coordinating the services required to successfully completing projects in the field.

ATECH has also been responsible for design, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of horizontal under balanced drilling systems for gas reservoirs in Alberta, Canada.  A major focus of ATECH's work is also in the identification, design and optimization of well completion strategies including hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing and fracturing.

ATECH's services also include evaluation of reservoir properties, production practices as they relate to optimum resource exploitation.  The scope of projects require day to day use of evaluation tools such as well logs, relate to optimum resource exploitation.  The scope of projects require day to day use of evaluation tools such as well logs, production logs, well test & DST analysis, decline curve analysis, multiphase flow analysis, geostatistical analysis and reservoir simulation.

ATECH's consulting services also include the building of large oil and gas gathering system models for debottlenecking studies, compressor optimization and performance forecasting. ATECH has a total systems approach on building these models recognizing that a good description of the reservoir, completion, production, and facilities elements are essential to a practical and useful description of the system.

ATECH also conducts extensive field studies that range from building reservoir simulation models and network gathering systems for conventional and heavy oil fields. The studies also incorporate the latest production and completion strategies including hydraulic fracture and artificial lift design.