ATECH Application Technology Limited is a Canadian company incorporated on August 17, 1988. The company is based in Calgary and offers petroleum-engineering services to the Oil and Gas Industry both domestically and internationally.

ATECH's operating philosophy is built on working closely with it's clients and applying leading edge technology as well as basic engineering principles in solving problems in a practical, timely and economical way, thus, bringing high value-added solutions to its clients.

Our involvement in the design, programming, procuring and on-site supervision of DST, production and injection / falloff tests enabling us to meet various objectives including completion evaluation, reserves estimation, reservoir characterization, and secondary recovery project evaluation and optimization. The projects range from single well test to multiple-well tests of both vertical and horizontal wells. Functions include bidding and coordinating the services required to successfully complete projects in the field. ATECH has also been responsible for design management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of horizontal under balanced drilling systems for gas reservoirs in Alberta, Canada. A major focus of ATECH's work is also in the identification, and design and optimization of well completion strategies including hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing and fracturing.

Services also include evaluation of reservoir properties and production practices as they relate to optimum resource exploitation. The scope of projects require day to day use of evaluation tools such as well logs, production logs, well test / DST analysis, decline curve analysis, multiphase flow analysis, geostatistical analysis and reservoir simulation.

Our consulting practice also involves its staff with the building of oil and gas network gathering system models for debottlenecking studies, compressor optimization and performance forecasting. ATECH has a total systems approach on building these models recognizing that a good description of the reservoir, completion, production, and facilities elements are essential to a practical and useful description of these systems. ATECH's work with gathering networks also requires it to interface with SCADA systems in both their specification and practical utilization of their data in real time hydrocarbon asset management.

ATECH has also conducted reservoir simulation studies of conventional and heavy oil fields. There studies also include the evaluation of the latest horizontal and pumping technologies in providing optimum depletion strategies.

In addition to the above mentioned services, ATECH provides industrial training in the areas of production engineering, well completions and remediation, integrated reservoir management, pressure transient analysis PTA) and reservoir engineering worldwide.

ATECH's highly qualified, multidisciplinary team applies state of the art software and technology in its day to day work. ATECHpersonnel work with FRACPRO, FRACADE, STIMWIN, STIMCADE, PPS, LANDMARK AUTOMATE FOR WINDOWS), PANSYSTEM, TETRAD (Black oil and Geothermal Numerical Simulator), PIPESIM, FLOSYSTEM, PETROSOFT and MERAK PROJECTS (forecasting and economic evaluation), and the Gemini suite of simulation products, which includes Merlin, Apprentice, Prophet and Nodal. ATECH also works with custom horizontal well test evaluation software developed by Economides et al. ATECH also develops its own programs in order to meet highly specialized technical situations. The company works with advanced Intel workstations throughout the office.